Before 2011, the Meteorology Division was a section of the Hydro Met Services Division (HMSD) under the erstwhile Department of Energy. Earlier, Meteorology sections main responsibility was to carry out daily (24hr) weather forecasting, setup and maintain the meteorology stations, collect the meteorological data and disseminate the observational data to the end users. With the upgrading of HMSD to the Department of Hydro-Met Services (DHMS) the mandate of both the Department and the now Meteorology Division has increased.

Functions of Meteorology Division (MD)
 1.Administer and review the implementation of meteorological plan, programmes and policies of the department;
 2.Provide daily weather forecasts information to the public based on observation and study of different models;
 3.Research and studies on long range forecasts, prepare seasonal forecasts (monsoon outlook) annually for information to public; 
 4.Study/observation of extreme weather events like cyclone and heavy rainfall for press release and timely information to public. Analysis and research works on climatic data for specific purposes.  
 5.Planning of meteorological network and establishment of new stations. Operation and maintenance of existing meteorological network (11 real time AWS, 20 Class A, 61 Class C stations) across the country;
 6.Meteorological data collection, quality control, archiving and database management. Provide climatic data and services to the Government for planning of developmental activities including private sector for specific studies and projects;
 7.Data processing in coordination with PCRD for archive in a central database for statistical analysis, dissemination and publication;
 8.Maintain agro-meteorology and related information database required for RNR Sector in future;
 9.Collect and provide aviation forecasts services in future.

As per the Government approved structure of the Meteorology Division there are three main sections Operational & Maintenance Section, Agro-met/Climatology Section, and Aviation Meteorology Section.

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